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Mercury & the Architects is a music and artistic movement with a simple mandate: tell the truth. Founded in 2014 by TJ (Mercury), an all-star athlete with musical talent no one expected, and his sister, Chelsea Rae, a visual artist and musician. Driven to win in any arena, shackled by nothing but truth, the band released their debut EP Poets & the Beast to streaming success and sold-out shows in New York’s The Bitter End and Webster Hall.

Influenced by the many cultures that touched them growing up in NYC, M&A’s songs similarly flow through genres in a unique and authentic way that makes them both new and risky, yet timeless with a heart of rock and roll.

Soon after Poets & the Beast, the band went into Engine Room Studios with Grammy-winning engineer, Mark B. Christenson, to record their first full-length album, The Ghost that Haunts My Castle, a modern rock opera. The album included collaborations with world-famous musicians Shawn Pelton and Ben Butler. When the unexpected forced the band to momentarily shelve the album, M&A continued to play shows on the East Coast, building their audience, and released more singles reflecting on the period (“Genesis”, “Machine”, “Disinformation”, “The Wolf”).

From 2019 to 2020, Mercury & the Architects lived their music’s message by forging their own brave path from NYC to LA, where they formed MercuryRae Productions. There, they met vocalist LYNZI at a songwriters’ conference, fleshing out the nexus of their movement. As a trio, they have produced a string of singles including “Cheers to the View”, “Pull the Plug”, and “Autopilot”, each with accompanying videos with sets and costumes designed by Chelsea.

Mercury & the Architects is defined by their unfailing renaissance in the face of every challenge, always coming back with a stronger, grander vision in support of self-love, and the pursuit of absolute truth.

They are currently distributed through HighTable Records, a subsidiary of UMG.

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