1. MFM IV - Splash0:58


They really thought they’d pull it off
Without a sound
Without a peep from the people
Underneath underground
The revolution that you see
On the screen is a lie
Every movements drastic
Classic conquer and divide
Giving us more of that
Plastic madness
Delivered by some of the baddest
Monsters in disguise
To ever take the stage
Sponsored by a pedophile enterprise
Hope this message
Makes you nauseous
More than entertained
Splash motherfucker
Here’s some water to the face
Exactly what the doctor woulda ordered
If he wasn’t on the take
No mask is ever gonna keep you safe
From what they’re fucking coughing in your brain
You can choose to ignore what’s important
But that’s something we don’t do
Here at all cuz it’s fake
Buncha lowlives at the top
Think they got us
But we’re straight
No shot
That they’re ever gonna
Change how we think

MFM IV – Splash

Format : CD